Marquee »Zum Stiftl« - structure of the marquee

The construction of the tent “Zum Stiftl” takes about 8 weeks every year on the Theresienwiese in Munich. Every detail is carefully planned and must comply with federal regulations. When it comes to building the tent every inch is critical since all of the seats are important. The logistics and the details have to be right from the ground up and also work right. The gas systems for the chicken barbecue and complete kitchen equipment require a sophisticated system that has been perfected over the years.

Accommodate around 440 guests

Stiftl now has had his own tent "Zum Stiftl" for several years which can accommodate 440 guests. „Schifoan” they can certainly not do that but can definatly sing along to this song. The new country style tent is presented as a rustic ski lodge inside. At the Stiftl the hut feeling is guaranteed, because this building presents itself accordingly - when the guests sit indoors or outdoors and can celebrate in front of the ski lodge.

Oktoberfest host Lorenz Stiftl is looking to have guests around the world and can hardly wait until the day that they tap the first beer.

Done! Lorenz Stiftl’s whole pride! zoom
Done! Lorenz Stiftl’s whole pride!