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Andrea Kaliner

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Oktoberfest - Kitchen

The Kitchen is the heart of our Marquee »Zum Stiftl« at the Oktoberfest.

When the chef …

Our chef Karl Benner and his team conjure up, every single day, delicious dishes of the day, the duck to the traditional roast chicken. Every move is a very small space and the most succulent delicacies created by Stiftlwirt "in the Oktoberfest tent" to Stiftl.


... and the host cheers!

Lorenz Stiftl loves his kitchen: „a good soup in the morning, for lunch a duck, in the afternoon a cup of coffee and Kaiserschmarrn as a snack a Bavarian platter and just before closing time, a Obatzdn duckgröstl and a Beer, then you can sleep well ... "

And not only Stiftl Lorenz says, because the heart is through his stomach too, many a guest has Stiftl already felt firsthand.

Self-drenched Italian or French guests keep coming back as regulars at the Oktoberfest Tent "To Stiftl" - even the Japanese have come forward to the taste and order "a Tschicken“...

An overview of our food and drinks can be found in the following foods and beverages.

Stiftls centerpiece in the kitchen – chef Karl Bennerzoom
Stiftls centerpiece in the kitchen – chef Karl Benner

A glance at the menu

We are excited for you to visit the Oktoberfestzelt »Zum Stiftl«

BIO nach EG-Öko-Verordnung - Kontrollstelle (DE-ÖKO-060)

Please try also our
fine BIO dishes
at the Oktoberfest!


From the soup kitchen

Liver dumpling soup
Bavarian style, with chive

Chicken noodle soup
with vegatables, chicken and noodles


Mixed Salad
mixed salads

Stiftl´s Oktoberfest salad
with salads, roasted grains, fried chicken wings and barbecue sauce

Munich Potato salad
hearty, perfect accompaniment to Stiftls chicken and duck

Bavarian style

Stiftl´s Oktoberfest-Hit - Oktoberfest-Pfandl

1/4 chicken, chicken breast filet, chicken spare rips, breaded chicken particles, crisp vegetables, hash browns, french fries, onion rings, crispy bacon and spicy herb butter

Main course "Schmankerln"

1/2 Wiesn chicken
freshly grilled on skewers seasoned
crispy, juicy, unique

1/4 Wiesn Duck
with red cabbage and potato dumplings
freshly grilled on skewers, crispy, juicy, seasoned unique

1/2 Wiesn Duck
with red cabbage and potato dumplings
freshly grilled on skewers, crispy, juicy, seasoned unique

1/4 Wiesn Duck
without sides

1/2 Wiesn Duck
without sides

1/2 Red pepper chicken
fresh from the grill, seasoned with a fiery Sweet chili sauce and red pepper

Oktoberfest turkey escalope Viennese style
with potato salad

Lower Bavarian Duck
tasty served in the pan

Turkey gyros
with tzatziki, coleslaw and French fries

Chicken breast
fried with vegetables with Reiberdatschi

Zum Stiftl


Vienna Apple Strudel
with warm vanilla sauce

Wheat beer-Tiramisu
served in a jar with fresh fruits

Vienna style Kaiserschmarrn
with apricot compote

Vegetarian / Vegan

"Allgäuer" Cheese "spaetzle"
with fried onions

Mixed Mushrooms
in creamy sauce with herbs and bread dumplings

Vegetables in tomato ragout (vegan)
with spelt and crispy potato pancakes "Rösti"

Sauerkraut Strudel (BIO vegan)
with almonds, curry and vegetables ragout

Kids menu

Pinocchio Plate
3 breaded chicken with particles French fries and ketchup

Dino plate
with French fries and ketchup